- YES Oezee offers an On Demand service where customers can order snow removal service without need of Seasonal Contract Order.

- YES Oezee provides monthly seasonal snow removal plans which includes following: - Unlimited snow removal every time snowfall exceeds 4 cm - Snow will be removed within 24 hours of snow fall ending.

- YES Oezee is Canadian based company with headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta

- We accept all major credit card payments

- Oezee uses industry standard third party service providers such as PayPal to store your credit card details, hence your credit card information is safe from any potential hacking into Oezee website

- Once a job is completed, customers receive before-and-after pictures. These features are especially valuable as many of Oezee customers do not reside at their snowy residences year-round and are requesting snow removal services from afar.

- For seasonal plans Oezee will charge one time cleaning charges of $30/hr to clean the packed snow and/or ice on your property. Thereafter Oezee will be responsible to keep the driveway clean with regular snow removal and by applying salt when necessary.

- Please post your question on info@Oezee.com and our customer services rep will get back you.