About Us

Oezee is a Canadian based app, which connects customers to the service providers for various house maintenance such as Snow Removal, House Cleaning, Home Care, Personal Care etc. We know that an average home-dweller has constraints of time, budget, choices and resources. We know how and where customers struggle with uphill tasks of ensuring a home that stays clean and hindrance-free.

Oezee digital platform is designed by home dwellers just like you to simplify day-to-day chores.

Oezee App provides end-to-end digital management of jobs from the time of booking to completion for all services posted below. 

Oezee is here….just a click away. We assists you in every way possible:

1. Expert snow removal services;
2. Basic and customized housekeeping;
3. Yard maintenance 
4. Home Care
5. Personal Care;
6. Special intervention for specific problem

At Oezee we wakeup with a passion for creating a clean and cozy habitat. We bring together a compelling mix of equipment and experienced professionals that deliver neat and dapper homes, every time they end up on any door-step. With us you get convenient access to cost-effective services that deliver real value. We make sure that every service professional goes through a rigorous verification process and training to be eligible to serve you. We shovel, we mow, we scrub, we cleanse, we mop, we broom, we scour, we wipe, we do everything and anything to get rid of unwanted dust, dirt, stains, snow, grass, leaves and clutter. Leave the idea of speckles, flawless and stainless home to us.

Oezee app also provides compassionate home+personal services.We connect you to experience+highly qualified professionals in adult care, pet care, child care, aesthetic care etc.., 

Get Oezee…Get Happy!