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Menace of Black Ice

Posted on Dec 16, 2020

What is Black Ice?

          Black ice is a thinly glazed coat of ice on the very utmost surface on the road. This type of ice forms after snowfall hits warm roads, and melts into water. However once the temperatures drop below 0 degree Celsius, the water becomes ice, which is known as Black Ice.  Black ice is highly transparent and thus difficult to see as compared with snow, frozen slush, or thicker ice layers. As such, the Black Ice is the cause of several accidents in the cities where the temperature falls below 0 degree Celsius. Common locations of black ice are usually bridges, overpasses, shaded spots on roads and even on household driveways.

Why can’t we remove Black Ice with snow removal technology?

            Cities across the globe that deal with harsh winters have a budget for snow removal; depending on the economic condition some cities spend more money than others to remove and clear snow. Those who spend more on snow removal can get rid of Black Ice far more conveniently than those with lesser budgets; generally, the ice is scrapped off the road using blade mounted trucks and then ice melt is applied to remove the icy. Cities with less budgets tend to see more accidents due to a lack of good snow removal techniques and snow removal technology. However, regardless of how large one’s budget may be on snow removal, no city is perfect when it comes to snow removal, and Black Ice can be found anywhere with right environmental conditions.

How to Safely Drive on Black Ice?

Prior to anything else in regard to driving safely on Black Ice, you must stay calm while driving. This will aid you as you try to anticipate the Black Ice coming towards you on the road as you drive. While driving on the Black Ice, keeping your wheel straight, without acceleration, is the necessary mode of action. Whilst staying calm and keeping your wheel straight, you do not want to press on the breaks. By pressing on the breaks, you will lose control of your vehicle, which can be very dangerous. Continue driving at lower speed till you are out of the Black Ice area. If you feel like stopping in the black ice area, gradually take your foot off the accelerator and steer to where the safest spot is on the shoulder of road. It is also worth noting that having an emergency kit in your trunk during the winter is a very handy thing to keep in your vehicle especially when you might get stuck due to Black Ice.

How to prevent Black ice related accidents in residential areas?

Along with residential roads the Black ice can be found on driveways or sidewalks as well, especially if these areas are not properly cleaned. The inclined driveways with black ice are especially dangerous and can lead to severe injuries. To prevent slippage it is important the snow removal is carried out by professional companies as they ensure that post snow removal all icy areas are cured with salt or other melting agents. In the past getting a professional companies to quote or book services was quite time consuming and frustrating, hence busy home owners spent whatever minimum free time they had to carry suboptimal snow removal. These days digital enabled companies such as are just click away to get an instant quote and make an online booking to ensure that residential properties are snow/ice free to prevent potential accidents.